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Australian Capital Territory

We showcase many Australians in our readers – here are books containing Australian Capital Territory content.


Literacy Tower Australia publishes levelled readers for explicit guided reading instruction and take-home reading. Teachers tell us that their students look for the books with the tower on the back covers, when selecting books from the take-home reading boxes.


Let’s Go to the Territories Level 31+ features the ACT and includes Jervis Bay Territory


Ideal book size for readers: 190 mm x 200 mm

More books with Australian content


Australia's Amazing Platypus 
Level 8 

Have you ever seen a platypus?
It lays eggs, has webbed feet and a bill like a duck.


Places: What’s in a Name?
Level 30 

Origin of Australian placenames – Indigenous and English.


Bread Feeds the World 
Level 16 

Chapters on history of damper
and a procedure.


Costume Changes 
Level 22 

Chapter on Indigenous symbols painted on the body as a ‘costume’.

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