Term 1, 2021


Australian States/Territories Series

Let’s Go to South Australia

Level 31+

Free chapter ‘Giant Cuttlefish and Whales Migrate to SA’ plus activity sheets

Let’s Go to the Territories 

Level 31+

Free chapter 'NT: National Parks and Arnhem Land’ plus activity sheets plus NT Seasons Chart

Let’s Go to the Territories

Level 31+

Free chapter 'Coastal Territories’ plus activity sheets

(Jervis Bay Territory and Coral Sea Territory)


NEW EDITION (Printed January 2021)


Level 10

Buy one or more copies of the student’s book

and get a free Teacher Edition.

PAIRED FICTION (Humour, Values)

The Preposterous Problem Parrot

Level 23

Blackspit – the Buccaneer's Birthday 

Level 24

Buy one or more copies of each student’s book

and get free Teacher Editions.

Let’s Go to SOUTH AUSTRALIA (An Amazing State!)

Level 31+

Free book from our new series

‘Australian States and Territories’.

These free book offers end on 31 March 2021.

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