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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an account?

No. As long as we have a school name, contact details and an order number or authorised

staff member's OK, your order will be processed and your school invoiced.


Are you a local company?

Yes, the Literacy Tower is a 100% family-owned local company with offices and distribution centres

in Australia and New Zealand.


Are your books developed and manufactured locally?

Yes, all our authors are based in Australia or New Zealand, as are all our illustrators. Editorial and

design work is carried out at our Melbourne and Christchurch offices, and we are proud to place

all our prepress and print work with local printers, either in New Zealand or Australia.


Are your books suitable for my classroom?

Absolutely. We constantly monitor curriculum requirements in both countries and in all states

to ensure our books are not only appropriate for your classroom, but that they also take into

account the latest guidelines and teaching practises from across Australia. We regularly work
with teachers
and students in real classrooms to make sure we really can deliver on our
promise to engage, inspire and ignite
young imaginations.


My budget is tight. Why should I choose The Literacy Tower?

We offer exceptional quality and value at outstanding prices. Our books are designed with the aim
to be the best in the market and teachers in every Australian state and territory are using our titles;

we have a twenty-five year track record of producing fine literacy resources for
Australian primary
classrooms; and our program is fully integrated

and co-ordinated across each year level. Most of all, we love

what we do and we think that shows in the final product.


What about sustainability?

All Literacy Tower books are printed on environmentally

responsible paper, produced using Elemental Chlorine Free

(ECF), FSC® certified Mixed Source pulp from Responsible

Sources, and manufactured under the strict ISO14001

Environmental Management System. All our printing is done

locally to minimise our transport carbon footprint and all our

excess and waste paper products are recycled or reused.


That sounds great, but how can I be sure your books are right for me?

The best place to find out is in your own classroom. Order a no-obligation inspection

set and see for yourself. You have 14 days to decide. We think you'll love them -

but, if you don't, just send them back, no fuss, no questions.





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