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REVIEW Review of our Very Valued Vets book December 2020

QLD School phoned to say:

“Even though we don’t use Literacy Tower as our core series, we love topping up with your books!”

REVIEW Review our Australian States Series October 2020

NSW School phoned to say:

“We have a high number of refugee students who don’t’ know much Australia, so they can learn a lot in just 7 books!”

REVIEW Our Review Set August 2020

From Success Primary School WA


REVIEW Australian States Series June 2020

WA Teacher's phone order:

"The series is fantastic, beautiful books! We'll order Let's Go to Western Australia and all the other titles!"

REVIEW Nonfiction Books  April 2020

NSW Homeschool Teacher/Parent posted:

"My boys really enjoy factual texts or non fiction and this #gifted Easter pack from @theliteracytower has been a popular read. As a teacher and mother I’ve seen many home readers in my time and this company really does produce quality texts that are engaging. At the moment, they’ve released theme and homeschooling packs to help parents. Each text is paired with a teacher/parent guide that takes you through comprehension questions and language features of each page. It makes it so much easier for parents without experience in assisting their children."

REVIEW Fiction Books  March 2020

VIC Teacher emailed:

"The books are AMAZING!!!! So impressive! I have passed them onto our Literacy Coordinator and she just told me that she's 'making an order with you very soon.' You need to know that she's got VERY high expectations and she just said to me that your books (Literacy Tower) were her 'go to and preference."

REVIEW Teacher Editions  August 2019

WA Teacher posted on Instagram:

"If your school is anything like mine, your class has readers that you remember as a kid!!!! I know we do! @literacytower kindly sent me some books and I was so impressed with the beautiful photos, quality text and the massive amount of lesson ideas and teacher support in the teacher book. I find guided reading so difficult to teach as there are so many concepts to cover! These teacher books literally spell it out for you with ideas and activities matched to every single page! Genius! Can't wait to show these to our English team!"

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