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Our teacher editions are special - there is one teacher edition for every Literacy Tower title, with complete page-by-page teaching lessons in the same easy-to-use format as the student books. Each teacher edition has an up-to-date Australian curriculum focus and is packed full of detailed literacy and learning features, along with teaching tips and classroom activities. They're easy to identify and store with the student books and, because they look and feel just like the books your students are using, they're ideal for use in group and guided reading. They also provide great support for teacher aides, student teachers, parent helpers or anyone else who is working beside you in the classroom.


The teacher editions are an essential complement to The Literacy Tower's superb range of student titles.

• Teacher orientation    

• Teacher preparation    

• Pre-reading discussion

• Visual and title literacy

• Page-by-page lessons  

• Instruction charts
• Language features    

• Comprehension  

• Curriculum activities

• Visual comprehension 

• Sight words

• Group activities

All  Teacher Editions available for order now!

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