We showcase many Australians in our readers – here are books containing Victorian content.

Literacy Tower Australia publishes levelled readers for explicit guided reading instruction and take-home reading. Teachers tell us that their students look for the books with the tower on the back covers, when selecting books from the take-home reading boxes.


Very Valued Vets Level 31+ includes Victorian vets working for a pet transport company in Melbourne

Australia’s Amazing Platypus Level 8 includes a wildlife worker, Victoria

Trains Speed Up Level 22
includes a miniature railway, Victoria

Eggbert’s Egg-Cyclopedia Level 23 
includes an 11-year-old egg farmer, Victoria

Are Plastics the Problem? Level 28 
includes a recycling company, Victoria


We Loved Our TV Station Tour Level 27 (features a class tour at Channel Seven, Melbourne)

Fly Further Faster Higher Level 30 includes a female air-traffic controller, Melbourne Airport

Towers Level 27 
includes Eureka Tower and Skydeck, Melbourne

Places: What’s in a Name? Level 30 
includes origin of Victoria’s placenames, and the meaning of Indigenous placenames in Victoria

A World of Gold Level 13 
includes a fiction-based-on-fact recount of a Chinese goldminer in Bendigo’s goldrush years


Ideal book size for readers: 190 mm x 200 mm

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