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Term 2, 2022


We wish you a happy and healthy Term 2!


NEW Discount Policy
From 1 May our new level-range discounts will apply to orders of single-copies as well as 6-packs of readers (Foundation to Year 3) – enabling greater flexibility and affordability when ordering online. Online Shop.

Under Achieving Foundation/Year 1 Students
If your school has under achieving Foundation/Year 1 students, our new Pre-levels 1 and 2 Readers provide students with pre-reading support before reading our Levels 1 and 2 Readers.

Australian States and Territories Series
Bring more of Australia into your classroom with our beautifully designed and thoroughly researched
Australian States and Territories Series for Years 2–4 students. 

Contact us on 1800 733 608 for queries, quotes and orders – invoices accompany orders.

From Grusilda the Literacy Tower's dragon, on behalf of our team.
PS: "All orders will include free hand puppets of me, Grusilda the dragon!"


enter the tower

enter the tower


“I’m Grusilda, the Literacy Tower’s dragon. (below) Twin boys are reading paired fiction books – two books with one storyline written from two characters’ perspectives – Preposterous Problem Parrot (Level 23) and Blackspit the Buccaneer (Level 24). The girls are reading paired fiction – Feroz, the Unfortunate Genie (Level 27) and Spike Robin, Undercover Agent (Level 28).”

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