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Imagination Opens a World of Possibilities

At The Literacy Tower, we believe it's our job to craft language and images together in a way that ignites the spark of curiosity and wonder that lies within each young reader. With seven literacy programs and over 450 fiction and factual titles developed for K–6 readers in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australasia, our classroom advisors, writers, illustrators, designers and publishers been doing exactly that for over two decades.


In that time, we’ve seen the expectations and capabilities of our readers develop and evolve almost as fast as the technology we use

to create and deliver our products. But one thing has remained constant: the importance of well-written, high-interest original content to engage, inspire and ignite young imaginations. We prefer to think of our work as opening a world of opportunity, by giving kids the best tools to explore their own imaginations. 


Our texts are brought to life by world-class illustrators and photographers; our award-winning designs are consistently appealing, engaging and lively; and our programs cover every text type, genre and reading ability in interesting and unique ways.


We don’t do boring. But we’ll tackle everything else.


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