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December 2020


The Literacy Tower Australia wishes you and your students a very happy and safe Christmas and school holidays. Our Christmas page features our Australian adaptation of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ verse, plus colour activity sheets – free with every pre-Christmas order.

We are proudly Australian and since 2016 we have printed all of our books in Melbourne.


Since The Literacy Tower Australia collection was launched in 2014, students have climbed up the tower to complete our core set of (150) guided readers from Levels 1 to 30 – inspired and engaged to continue their literacy journey beyond Level 30. Our first Level 31+ nonfiction book is called 'Very Valued Vets' (featuring vets in SA, QLD, NT and VIC), with more titles in production.


Our 150 Teacher Editions (in full-colour) are comprehensively aligned, page-by-page, to 150 core guided readers. The Teacher Editions support outcomes in the Australian and state curriculums. The page-by-page teacher support includes comprehension questions, language teaching points for grammar, writing models, word lists for spelling, activities and much more.


Over the years, we have been grateful to all educators who have shared many positive responses such as, “Our kids look for the books with the tower on the back!”


In 2019, we started our new Australian States Series with Let’s Go to Western Australia and last term we added the final book, Let’s Go to the Territories. Enter the teachers tower and go to the rainbow to download free samplers to use in your classroom.


From Grusilda the dragon, on behalf of our team.

“I’m Grusilda, the Literacy Tower’s resident dragon.
(below) Twin boys are reading paired fiction books – two books with one storyline written from two characters’ perspectives – Preposterous Problem Parrot and Blackspit the Buccaneer. Girls are reading paired fiction – Feroz, Unfortunate Genie and Spike Robin, Undercover Agent.”

enter my tower

enter my tower

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