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We wish you a joyful, healthy and successful Term 4!

Literacy Tower Australia publishes engaging levelled readers for Foundation–Year 4 that support your decodables and curriculum integration.

150 readers supported by 150 Teacher Editions (Years F–3 Levels 1–30): Teacher Editions are the same size and contain the same pages as their corresponding reader. Around the perimeter of each double-page is explicit instruction support.

Australian States and Territories Series
Integrate the curriculum across key learning areas in state-based readers for Years 2–4 students. Each of the seven titles in the
Australian States and Territories Series are beautifully designed and thoroughly researched. Includes free Activities/Answers PDFs for each reader.

Contact us on 1800 733 608 for queries and quotes. From Grusilda the Literacy Tower's dragon, on behalf of our team. PS: "I'm also a hand puppet and we will add puppets to your orders with our compliments!"


“I’m Grusilda, the Literacy Tower’s dragon. (below) Twin boys are reading paired fiction books – two books with one storyline written from two characters’ perspectives – Preposterous Problem Parrot (Level 23) and Blackspit the Buccaneer (Level 24). The girls are reading paired fiction – Feroz, the Unfortunate Genie (Level 27) and Spike Robin, Undercover Agent (Level 28).”

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