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October 2021


In Term 4, 2021 we're moving our warehouse and as part of that process we're offering 37% discount off all our 6-packs of readers from Levels 1–31+. Also we're offering 35% discount off all our popular sets, such as Foundation Year set of readers.


Get your books in Term 4, and opt to pay your invoice by December 2021 or February 2022.

In 2021, we published our new Pre-levels 1 and 2 Readers which provide pre-reading support for students before they read our Levels 1 and 2 Readers. View Pre-levels 1 and 2 Readers here.

Request a free pair of readers free Pre-level 1 sample to trial with your students.

We proudly print our books in Melbourne, including our new Australian States and Territories Series. Order a set of the 7 titles in the series (35% discount). Or, enter the 'Teachers Tower' and go to the rainbow to download free sample chapter PDFs from books in the series.

Contact us on free call 1800 733 608 for queries and quotes.

From Grusilda the dragon, on behalf of our team.


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“I’m Grusilda, the Literacy Tower’s resident dragon.
(below) Twin boys are reading paired fiction books – two books with one storyline written from two characters’ perspectives – Preposterous Problem Parrot and Blackspit the Buccaneer. Girls are reading paired fiction – Feroz, the Unfortunate Genie and Spike Robin, Undercover Agent.”

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