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Engage primary students with readers from
Literacy Tower Australia

a specialist publisher of literacy resources 

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Term 1, 2024

Literacy Tower Australia publishes levelled readers for Foundation–Year 4 students. Engaging designs and high-interest content will help students decode and comprehend text. Our levelled readers contain a high percentage of repetitive words and phrases, e.g. sight words, decodable words. The collection supports curriculum integration and phonics-based instruction.

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UNIQUE to Literacy Tower Australia
150 Teacher Editions to support 150 Readers (Foundation–Year 3): Teacher Editions are the same size as their corresponding student readers, and are therefore easily stored in their respective reader box.


Australian States and Territories Series
Integrate the curriculum across key learning areas using seven titles in the
Australian States and Territories Series – beautifully designed and thoroughly researched. Includes FREE colourful Activities and Answers PDFs for each reader.

Contact us on 1800 733 608.


“I’m Grusilda, the Literacy Tower’s dragon. (below) Twin boys are reading paired fiction books – two books with one storyline written from two characters’ perspectives – Preposterous Problem Parrot (Level 23) and Blackspit the Buccaneer (Level 24). The girls are reading paired fiction – Feroz, the Unfortunate Genie (Level 27) and Spike Robin, Undercover Agent (Level 28).”

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