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Free-postage-return Review Set
Please use the form to advise of levels and topics you require for guided or take-home reading. We'll send you a review set of guided readers and their teacher editions. There are 150 readers (Levels 1–30) and 150 Teacher Editions (Levels 1–30). We'll include a FREE PAIR, e.g. Is a Snail a Slug (Level 12 reader) + Is a Snail a Slug
(Level 12 Teacher Edition).

Australian States And Territories Series
A comprehensive series of 7 titles ideal for guided nonfiction reading in an Australian context and student projects (HASS, Sciences, Technology, Arts, Science as a Human Endeavour, Sustainability and Indigenous Australians)

FREE BOOK: Let's Go to the Territories (Level 31) Features all of Australia's 10 territories.

NEW nonfiction featuring many inspiring Australians at Level 31: Very Valued Vets and Paper Planes to Supersonic Aircraft. NEW Pre-levels 1 and 2 Readers uniquely prepare Prep/K/Foundation students for reading our Levels 1–2 Readers.

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