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Term 4, 2020

What makes us different are our unique products and collections. We’re delighted that our Australian States Series was completed in September with Lets Go to the Territories. Teachers tell us they love using our 150 Teacher Editions (Foundation to Year 3) to support our 150 guided readers (Levels 1–30). Each Teacher Edition has page-by-page support – comprehension questions from literal to visual and higher-level comprehension from connection to synthesis – all linked to Australian and state curriculums. Request a free pre-reader (phonics) and Teacher Edition – this unique pre-reading series will be ready for back-to-school 2021.

  • 150 Teacher Editions Page-by-page support – e.g comprehension, language checklists, reading/writing models, activities.

  • Unique Paired Fiction Pairs of fiction – same storyline written from different character perspectives.

  • Vibrant Nonfiction Students love our unique nonfiction topics and designs! 

  • New Editions Sugar, Natural or Added? (Level 21); Flush! (Level 25) and others!

REVIEW Our Review Set August 2020

WA School said:

“Thank you for showing us these lovely books. We look forward to our order arriving.”

REVIEW Australian States Series June 2020

WA Teacher's phone order:

"The series is fantastic, beautiful books! We'll order Let's Go to Western Australia and all the other titles!"

REVIEW Nonfiction Books  April 2020

NSW Homeschool Teacher/Parent posted:

"My boys really enjoy factual texts or non fiction and this #gifted Easter pack from @theliteracytower has been a popular read. As a teacher and mother I’ve seen many home readers in my time and this company really does produce quality texts that are engaging. At the moment, they’ve released theme and homeschooling packs to help parents. Each text is paired with a teacher/parent guide that takes you through comprehension questions and language features of each page. It makes it so much easier for parents without experience in assisting their children."

REVIEW Fiction Books  March 2020

VIC Teacher emailed:

"The books are AMAZING!!!! So impressive! I have passed them onto our Literacy Coordinator and she just told me that she's 'making an order with you very soon.' You need to know that she's got VERY high expectations and she just said to me that your books (Literacy Tower) were her 'go to and preference."

REVIEW Teacher Editions  August 2019

WA Teacher posted on Instagram:

"If your school is anything like mine, your class has readers that you remember as a kid!!!! I know we do! @literacytower kindly sent me some books and I was so impressed with the beautiful photos, quality text and the massive amount of lesson ideas and teacher support in the teacher book. I find guided reading so difficult to teach as there are so many concepts to cover! These teacher books literally spell it out for you with ideas and activities matched to every single page! Genius! Can't wait to show these to our English team!"


Paired fiction – two books with the SAME STORYLINE written from DIFFERENT CHARACTER PERSPECTIVES.
Some are set in 

The Preposterous Problem Parrot (Level 23)
A pet shop owner is having a closing-down sale. All her pets have been sold, except for one parrot (which has learned how to say naughty rhymes). No matter how hard she tries, the pet shop owner cannot find a good home for her problem parrot – until, one day, there is a knock at the door.

Blackspit: The Buckaneer's Birthday (Level 24)
It's Captain Blackspit's birthday, and his crew are worried. The grumpy buccaneer didn't like any of the birthday presents they got him last year – and, although they've been to almost every shop in a seaside village, they can't seem to find the perfect pirate's present. Will the last shop have anything?

In Literacy Tower Paired Fiction, there are two sides to every story ... so why not explore both?
Through paired fiction titles, The Literacy Tower offers young readers the opportunity to delve deeper into a single story – to explore different character personalities, perspectives and motivations. Paired fiction also helps grow students’ understanding of how and why everyone in a story makes a contribution to its eventual outcome.

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