New Editions

NEW EDITION (Printed January 2021)

Birds, Birds, Birds, Birds 

Level 10

What do all birds have in common? Birds are all around us. Let’s learn more about birds and look after them!

New Edition features: 

  • more images of Australian birds

  • updated information 

  • ideal for National Bird Week in October.


Sugar, Natural or Added?

Level 21

This new edition has new chapters, updated facts and has been completely redesigned. 

New Edition features:

  • Queensland sugar cane growing, harvesting, processing

  • great fruit fructose recipe that children can make

  • Australian Dietary guidelines for children's daily fruit serves and much more. 



Level 25

Ever wondered what happens when you flush? Over time, toilets have changed a lot. But one thing hasn’t changed. We all need to go, sooner or later!

New Edition features:

  • updated information

  • new images

  • ideal for Sustainability, HASS, Earth and Space Science, Technology and Health.


Cool Castles

Level 29

Would you like to visit a castle? Even after a thousand years, many castles are still beautiful buildings – and they can also be fun and fascinating places to visit.

New Edition features:

  • updated information

  • new images. 

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